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Yes, we also offer coding! We love how coding combines language with numbers, and we’d be delighted to support you in coding the collected responses to your surveys. We draw on many years of experience in coding open-ended responses and brand mentions. We offer professional coders, clear code plans and open communication. Read on to discover all you need to know about coding.

What Exactly Is Coding?

Besides closed-ended questions, which can be answered by selecting from a list of possible responses, surveys may also use open-ended questions, which the participants can answer in their own words. To help you efficiently analyze these surveys, wordzz can code these responses. Here, the open-ended responses, which are also known as verbatims, are not translated prior to analysis; instead, they are coded directly in the survey language, which can save a lot of time and money compared to translating them. Coding involves clearly and consistently categorizing and summarizing the open-ended responses by way of codes, making them much easier to analyze. We’d be happy to create a corresponding code plan for you, or we can use a template you provide.

How Does wordzz Compile Your Coded Responses?

As soon as you’ve reached your desired number of completes, we can get started! Since time is often of the essence when coding and analyzing responses, we can already use the preliminary data to get things rolling. When working with your data, we can gladly accommodate your desired format—coding in a traditional Excel chart or in your preferred software.

We’re also happy to support you in developing the corresponding code plan. We can prepare this and get your approval for it before the coding begins. Alternatively, we can configure it during the coding itself, helping to further accelerate the process. We take special care to provide coding that is as unbiased as possible, to avoid distorting the resulting insights of the research.

What Makes wordzz Your Perfect Partner for Coding Projects?
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Coding costs are always calculated transparently on the basis of the responses to be coded. The number of responses determines the price for the entire coding project. The type of responses is another cost factor. For instance, brand mentions are faster and therefore more economical to code than open-ended responses.

Here too, the time involved depends on the number of responses. We work closely together with our clients and always do our best to meet their desired schedule. In order to process a coding project as quickly as possible and without sacrificing quality, we also sometimes divide the project among multiple coders. This works especially well if there are different questions within a survey that can each be assigned to a designated coder. This way, numerous coders can simultaneously work on the same project.

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