Translation Memory

As part of our quality management system, we offer each of our clients the option of having us prepare a personal translation memory using all translations they have commissioned through us. A translation memory saves time and money, while also improving quality. Read on for an overview of how translation memories work and their benefits.

What Exactly Is a Translation Memory?

A translation memory (TM for short) is a database that we can create and maintain for new clients at no additional cost. The database is empty at first, but it grows with each translation you order from us. The database stores each source text and its corresponding translation. This means that the more texts we translate for you, the larger the TM becomes—and the greater your time savings and cost savings.

Why Store These Texts?

As soon as we receive a new translation inquiry from you, we compare the new source text with your personal TM and can immediately determine if any passages from the existing database can be used in the new text. These similar passages, or segments of text, are referred to as matches. If a match is identified, our linguists can use the corresponding segment without having to translate it anew. The larger the database, the greater the chance of finding a number of matches.

How Does a TM Benefit Our Clients?
Three Major Benefits of a TM:

About Our Team of Linguists

We Exercise Transparency

Not all translation service providers work with a translation memory system—or communicate transparently about their use of such a database. At wordzz, it’s important to us that our clients benefit from repeat orders, just as we do. After all, a translation memory system can reduce the processing time and costs for everyone. If you’re a new client and are interested in a TM, feel free to contact us. We’ll create a personal database just for you, and at no additional cost.

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