The Journey of a Text: Translating into the World’s Languages

Our translation service provides flexible translations into over 180 of the world’s languages. With dedication and the required knowledge and skills, we send your texts on a journey around the world—and create far more than just dry, literal translations.

Translation Service with a Passion for Language and Content

Native speakers are the greatest asset of our translation service. After all, what language do we know better than the one we grew up with—the one we think in and dream in? That’s why each of our linguists translates exclusively into their own native language. To ensure that you receive more than just a dry one-to-one translation, we assign texts based on our linguists’ personal interests.

Is your survey about beauty and skin care products? We’ll find a translator who takes a personal interest in this field, perhaps even one who runs a blog on the subject. Need a reliable translation of a white paper on soccer? Thanks to our extensive pool of translators, it certainly won’t take long for us to find a passionate soccer fan for the task. This personalized approach to each project means that our translators’ enthusiasm for a topic is clearly reflected in the final text.

Another factor that makes our translations so authentic is that the linguists we use are located around the world. Ideally, translations designed for a specific country are carried out by translators based in that country. The character of the particular country shines through in the final text, giving it that certain something that other translations often lack. We can also even adapt texts into regional dialects.

Comprehensive Translation Service into More Than 180 Languages

We flexibly adjust our translation service to your requirements, smoothly transferring the original text’s wording and core message. One of our main areas of expertise is market research. You know how it is with surveys, when identical or very similar text fragments constantly crop up? Our translation service has a practical solution for this issue: our translation memory, which we set up for you at no extra cost, enables us to reuse wording from previously commissioned translations, ensuring consistency and saving precious time and money.

We’re also a reliable partner in other aspects of market research. We handle the coding of open-ended questions using coders with a great deal of expertise. We offer coding directly in the survey language or can translate the findings report for you.


Translation Service with a Human Touch: Providing Coherent Translations into the World’s Languages

When it comes to translation, conveying your particular wording accurately in the right style and tone is just as important as being consistent with the choice of words and phrasing. We translate identical segments of text and terminology consistently so that your original message doesn’t get lost in translation. Our human approach to translation couldn’t be more different from automated computer-based translation, which often seems to churn out a random mix of output. We, on the other hand, ensure wording that native speakers use in everyday life. Ever chuckled over poorly translated phrases? You don’t need to worry about that happening when you work with us!

Let your target audience around the world know what your company stands for—with the right words. Your idea serves as the base that we build on as we skillfully transform your texts while preserving their central theme.

Experience, Flexibility and Quality Are the Hallmarks of Our Translation Service

Our company was founded in 2016 in the heart of Nuremberg, Germany. Most of the linguists we work with discovered their passion for translation ten or more years ago. Experience is important to us, but so is flexibility. This enables us to handle translations at short notice and deliver them quickly, especially with the help of translation memories and our various translation options. You can also benefit from cost savings when segments of text are identical or largely similar to previous texts.

For the best possible quality, we recommend our standard service. Here, the final text is prepared by two native speakers of the target language—one translating, the other proofreading it. After all, more than one set of eyes gives your text the final polish it deserves.

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