Editing: The Finishing Touch for Your Translation

Even the most meticulously prepared translations need to be reviewed after completion. No matter how attentive a translator may be, mistakes are natural and can always find their way into a text. That’s why wordzz applies the dual control principle using outstanding native speakers of the target language. We know that two sets of eyes see more than one, and this is especially useful when the linguists involved are based in the countries where the translation will be used.

So, we incorporate the aspects of proofreading and editing in our translation service. When reviewing texts, we check for typos and possible slips in spelling and grammar, but we also look out for issues relating to the content and wording. This enables us to get the best out of the translation, resulting in a fluent, readable text that’s guaranteed to impress.

What’s the Difference between Editing and Proofreading?

Editing and proofreading—aren’t they the same thing? Many people think so, including those interested in commissioning a translation. However, an editor examines completely different aspects—or, let’s say, many additional aspects—than a proofreader. A proofreader focuses only on obvious spelling and grammar errors as well as sneaky typos and punctuation issues. Aspects relating to typography may also fall within the proofreader’s sphere of responsibility. For instance, when a text is translated into English, it’s important to check that the quotation marks are formatted properly and that the hyphenation is correct.

But an editor goes even further when examining a text. Besides all of the aforementioned features, there’s another important consideration: the content. An editor checks if the content has been translated in a way that is coherent and that preserves the message in the target language. Solid editing also ensures that the text flows correctly and makes it more attractive and easier to read by purposefully reformulating certain sentences and implementing small changes. While this is a usual part of editing any kind of text, editing a translation adds yet another dimension. It involves special consideration of the stylistic and linguistic norms of the target language. The linguists at wordzz are based around the globe and are always native speakers of the target language into which the text is being translated. So, they are able to give the necessary attention to these various aspects, resulting in a text that’s sure to inspire the target audience.

Do Translations Always Need to Be Edited?


Every translation should be edited. This especially pays off when it comes to marketing texts, because editing ensures good readability and helps promote brand recall. But no worries! If you decide to order a translation from wordzz, a comprehensive review is all part of the service—resulting in a coherent, professional text. We don’t separate editing from proofreading. So, you can depend on your final texts having impeccable grammar and spelling as well as excellent readability.

Do you want a text with that certain something? A text that has been carefully crafted to ensure exceptional readability and to promote brand recognition for a long time to come? You’ve come to the right place! At wordzz, editing and proofreading is always part of our standard service and is handled exclusively by native speakers of the target language.

Customized Translation, Customized Editing

Our editing process is as personalized as the translation itself. Editing and proofreading are carried out with special attention to the purpose of the text. We assign translations to linguists who have a personal interest in the particular topic or who already have experience in the subject. And the resulting text clearly reflects their love for what they do!

You also benefit from the linguists’ direct connection to the target language, both as inhabitants of the target country and as native speakers of the required language. At wordzz, we only work with experienced translators who are thoroughly acquainted with the culture of the target language.

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