Localization with wordzz: More Than Just Translation

What do hasty, run-of-the-mill translations have in common with products such as Google Translate? They often generate unintentionally amusing phrases that make no sense in the target language. What makes us different? Rather than a basic one-to-one translation, we offer localization you can rely on. Not only do we adapt your texts to the target language, we also assimilate them to the conventions of the target country.

What’s the Difference between Translation and Localization?

The difference between translation and localization is easy to summarize. Translation involves the direct transfer of a source text into a target text—without particular regard for how naturally the syntax or core message of the text might come across in the target culture. A generic translation doesn’t pay special attention to features such as date formatting, units of measurement or imagery.

This is where localization steps in, bridging the gap. The final text fits into the target culture by utilizing familiar idioms, brand slogans or similar elements that are characteristic for the country.

The objective of localization is to preserve the meaning of the original text, even if this means that the sentences cannot be translated one-to-one. Of course, in localization, that’s not a bad thing. After all, the target text is intended to serve and appeal to a different, international market—and this can only succeed through localizing the text. This is something we understand well at wordzz, so it’s no question that we offer this service.

Examples of How We Localize Texts

Localization involves paying special attention to aspects such as these:

How You Benefit from Our Localization Service

At wordzz, our linguists are based all over the world, placing them right in the heart of the particular target culture. They are well acquainted with the possible stumbling blocks and know how to reformulate texts to make them suitable for the target market. Plus, they are native speakers of the target language, whose natural feel for the language flows directly into the translation, making it sound authentic. We want texts to elicit the same response worldwide, rather than being a source of unintended amusement. Our localizations by experienced native speakers around the world make this possible.

Did you know that localization can also save you time and money? Translations that are already adapted for a particular target culture can be adjusted to the situation in other countries with ease. This offers you a convenient possibility for addressing multiple target groups around the world with a single text. Perhaps we’ve already translated a white paper or a brochure for you, originally intended for the British market, and now you’re interested in having it adapted for the American market. No problem! Rather than starting from scratch, we can handle the important task of localizing the text for you. Having the text adapted for another target market costs you less than commissioning a completely new translation.

Multiple Localizations of a Single Text = Less Expensive Translation

Do you want to reach several international target groups at the same time with a single text? We’d be delighted to take on the task! We offer special pricing on package options that enable you to send your text on a journey to multiple countries throughout the world at the same time. Not only will you get the best out of your text for each particular target culture, but you’ll also save costs compared to ordering individual translations. Contact us for further information!

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