Frequently Asked Questions

Google Translate quickly reaches the limits of its success when faced with complex sentence structures. For us, this is when the real fun begins 🙂 ! While Google has made improvements in recent years, its automated translation service is really better suited for translating individual words or phrases. When it comes to translating sentences, the meaning can quickly get distorted. After all, meaning is often determined by the subtle nuances of a language. So, be careful when using free services like Google Translate for professional translations! With us, you’re not at the mercy of a machine.

Your texts shouldn’t just be handled fast, but also with care. The processing time depends on different factors. Naturally, longer texts take longer to translate; but the file format, language combination and availability of your preferred translator also play a role. Specialized articles involve additional research to provide you with the best possible translation. Nevertheless, we can make special arrangements to accommodate rush orders.

We don’t set minimum order volumes or charge rush fees. We base all our quotes on a text’s word count. The word price is calculated on the basis of the language combination and the type of text. Simply send us your file and we’ll get back to you with a personalized quote.

At wordzz, nothing is impossible. We can handle almost any file format, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Adobe InDesign, Adobe FrameMaker, OpenOffice, RTF, XML, TTX, XLIFF, SDLXLIFF, webpages (HTML, XHTML, PHP, JSP), code files (JavaScript, CSS, C, Java, C#), Photoshop, text files and CSV files.
Don’t see your particular file format listed? Just contact us. We’re sure to find a solution.

Our standard service provides you with outstanding language quality. Each text is handled by two native speakers of the target language, who first translate and then edit and proofread your text. Linguists are chosen based on the style and subject of your document and in accordance with the DIN EN 15038 standard.

Yes, we work exclusively with experienced, specialized linguists who translate into their native language. We carefully put together a team for each project. The assigned linguists draw on their individual areas of expertise and many years of experience. This ensures they handle topics that suit them and that they enjoy. (Yes, even laundry detergent can be fascinating!) 😉

We specialize in two fields. We’re experts in market research—translating and editing surveys, handling coding projects and much more. Our other area of focus is web and print media. In both of these specializations, we draw on years of experience, enabling us to cater to your cost and scheduling needs in a flexible and focused way. Being well acquainted with the unique challenges in these fields, we are much more than “just” a translator. As a trusted partner, we offer you a personal point of contact and transparency in how we operate.

This starts with how we select our linguists. Besides holding a degree in linguistics, foreign languages or translation, our linguists must have at least three years of professional experience and an area of specialization. A translation test serves to further verify the individual linguist’s skill.
Depending on the particular text, we select a native speaker who is the ideal fit for the task. This ensures that our linguists work on documents that suit them best, in terms of the language and the topic. With our standard service, the translation is then checked by another linguist. By creating glossaries and translation databases, we’re also able to offer you a consistently high standard of quality.

We love what we do, and this is reflected in our work. We’re a big, global family, making it possible for us to select linguists who are the right fit for your texts and who will enjoy working on them. Your texts are an asset that we cultivate through our years of experience and unmistakable expertise. We’re more than just a translation service provider; we’re your trusted partner.

Here too, the possibilities are endless. Thanks to our extensive network, we’re able to provide translations into practically any language. Just contact us.

To give you a sample of our service and the quality we provide, we’re happy to offer you a test translation. It’s quick and simple.

Sure 🙂 ! Steady contacts are the basis for a trusting partnership. Do you have a particular choice of contact/linguist? Just let us know.