We Translate into Over 180 Languages and Love What We Do

At wordzz, it’s our personal approach to translation that makes us stand out. We’ve built up a team of linguists who each have their own unique areas of expertise and experience. This allows us to handpick linguists who are the best fit for your project. And to ensure that they only ever handle topics that suit them and that they enjoy. (Yes, even laundry detergent can be fascinating!) By creating glossaries and translation databases, we’re also able to offer you a consistent standard of quality and cost savings.

Client Satisfaction

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we know that even little things can turn into big problems. But we’re here to take some of the load. And we even offer you the option of having projects handled over the weekend.

Quality and Passion

We provide language services at the highest level. Each text is handled by two native speakers of the target language, who first translate and then proofread your text. After all, two pairs of eyes are better than one!

Worldwide Team of Linguists

We’re a big, global family, making it possible for us to find linguists who are a true fit for each text. This means that their expertise and passion for the text’s topic area really shine through in their work.

Here’s How We Operate

We base all our quotes on a text’s word count. Our word price varies depending on the language combination and the type of text. Simply send us your file and we’ll get back to you with a personalized quote.

Our Clients

Here’s What Our Clients Say about Us

Für unseren CEE Fokus haben wir über die Jahre unterschiedlichste Partner für Übersetzungen und nicht-deutschsprachige Codierungen ausprobiert. Überzeugt und begeistert hat uns wordzz. Bei wordzz erleben wir Handschlagqualität bei Timing und Kosten. Die Qualität der Arbeit ist immer am Punkt. Garniert wird das Service mit Freude an der Arbeit, guter Laune und viel positiver Stimmung. Für uns ist die Zusammenarbeit ein stimmiges Gesamtpaket, das wir nur empfehlen können.

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