Marketing: Transferring Your Core Message into the World’s Languages

For many companies, developing marketing copy even in their own language is challenging enough. They have to determine the right wording to address and attract their target audience. They also have to assess which marketing message will stick in people’s minds, and how to increase brand recall.

When you consider the many factors involved in developing promotional texts in your own language, it’s no surprise that the translation of such texts proves to be an especially difficult task. The content needs to be conveyed in a way that brings across the intended message effectively in the other country. Social conventions and cultural norms also have to be taken into account, so the marketing text doesn’t seem awkward, offensive, hurtful or just plain confusing. With so much to think about, it’s understandable that many companies are not in a position to carry out an accurate translation on their own. This is where wordzz steps in.

Why Choose wordzz for Global Marketing Texts?

At wordzz, we don’t shy away from the difficulty of translating marketing texts. We gladly embrace the challenge and find the translator who best suits your promotional copy. The marketing texts that we translate are carefully aligned with the target market—which is essential for the core message to hit home.

You can rely on our translations by native speakers who know exactly what counts when it comes to wording in the target language. They understand how to sprinkle rhetorical devices, popular marketing tools and catchy slogans through the text as needed. With us, your marketing content can make an impression across the globe, without the audience even noticing it’s a translation.

Your Message Will Fit Right In

Take your promotional message to the world. With wordzz by your side, you won’t have to worry about possible misinterpretations in your target country. And you’ll have no need to lose sleep over social conventions in foreign cultures, or to fret about what makes the most effective advertising materials in your target market. Simply send us your marketing copy in your own language, and our linguists will take care of the rest. And in most cases, they’ll handle it right in the very country where your marketing content is intended to be used. Wherever possible, we select your translator on the basis of their specialized knowledge and/or personal interest in the particular field. And of course, this passion clearly shines through in the final text.

Unlike instruction manuals and similar technical texts, marketing texts involve careful consideration of relevant background information and the context in which your copy will be used. Word-for-word translations are out of the question here. Rather, linguistic features such as metaphors and alliteration—aspects that bring a text to life and make it stick in the reader’s mind—have to be rendered appropriately in the target language. Of course, what might be a typical rhetorical device in the USA might be unfamiliar and even confusing in other cultures. The translator needs to be familiar enough with the target language to overcome such stylistic hurdles and create a readable, comprehensible final text. At wordzz, our translators know exactly how it’s done.

Adapting Everything for the Target Audience

When creating marketing copy, it’s crucial to always write with the target audience in mind. Different stylistic devices, the use of simplified or specialized language, sentence length—all of these factors are directly influenced by the target group. A text designed to attract young buyers to a particular product will always sound a bit different than an advertising text for the older generation. Since the target group’s demographics, characteristics and interests play such an important role when composing marketing texts, writers need to put themselves in their audience’s shoes.

So, what do you do when all of these considerations also need to be transferred into another language? This calls for a great deal of tact. But no worries! At wordzz, we translate your texts in a way that addresses target audiences directly, in any language. You can expect promotional texts that are geared toward the target group, without the original message or tone getting lost in translation. We know how to translate texts in a way that catches the attention of different target groups—enabling you to expand your circle of clients and prospects internationally.

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